How to Boost Your Running Endurance

All runners strive to better themselves and improve their running, they want to run faster and longer. Some novice runners are fixated with this above all else that they do not pay attention to vital running skills like technique or building up their endurance.

So, what is the key to performing better, and how can you improve? The same basic principles govern how fast and how long we can run. And there are relatively simple ways that you can improve both.

Build Up Slowly

The principal of gradual adaptation is one of the keys, this is a fundamental corner stone of building up endurance. All the term means is to build up your running slowly, and to be patient. This applies to all runners, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. 

The Yasso System

There is a technique called the Yasso System, and it has proved to be a highly effective way for building up endurance. Basically, it centers around 800-meter repetitions around the track. So, whatever the time and distance youare trying to achieve, break it up into 800 meter segments and you will be amazed by the results.

The Tortoise and the Hare

We are familiar with the fable about the tortoise and the hare, and it is the steady pace of the tortoise that eventually wins out. This is the case with training for distance races, train at a steady pace that is consistent to gradually build up your endurance. Your training should be effort-based and interspersed with frequent sprints and faster segments of running. This slow-fast workout is perfect for marathons and longer races.

Make Every Workout Count

Not all of us are professional runners, and we have to fit our training around our lifestyle. Therefore, you may only dedicate three days a week to your training schedule. If this is the case every training session must count. Most pro’s work on a schedule of hard and easy training that alternates, but with a limited amount of time at your disposal put the extra effort in.

Plyometric Training

In lay man’s terms plyometrics is the practice of jump training. Having strong legs in running is essential, and the more you can strengthen them the better. Plyometric leg exercises can really help in this respect, even though you may not have heard of the term it simply means exercises such as skipping, box jumps, and rope jumping.

Run Longer Tempo Runs

When you start to run your coach might suggest running at a pace that is slower than your capacity and finish the training with some sprinting. But as you progress you need to speed up your regular-style running but still finish with sprints. The best way to do this is break your normal gait with sprints every ten minutes or so, then when you resume your normal running do so at a faster pace. These training tips will help build up your running endurance, and you will find that after a period of months that you can run both longer and faster.

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