The Greatest Endurance Sports

Not all sports are endurance sports, but those that are encapsulate the true spirit of competition and the capacity for the human body to endure so much pain in order to win. So what are the greatest of all endurance sports? Here we venture to find out which are the hardest sports to compete in, and which ones take the most out of the competitors.


A true combat sport, where two gladiators face each other in a battle who is the fastest, hardest, and toughest. It is both a mental as well as a physical sport, and if you do not think it is an endurance sport then you should try three minutes sparring in a ring. It is almost that you are playing physical chess and that you are one of the pieces, but the brutality of it sometimes makes it hard to concentrate.

Marathon Running

A pure endurance sport, and one of the hardest races that there is, athletes have to train to exhaustion to build up their physical and mental capacity to run a marathon. The Wall is one of the best known terms in sport, and it is just as much about the mind as it is the body.


This sport is so difficult as you have to train at three different sports, swimming, running, and cycling. Athletes that take part in triathlons have to be a hundred percent dedicated in all three disciplines, and that takes a mammoth amount of training and of course endurance. This sport is relentless, it takes roughly seventeen hours from start to finish with no breaks. Competitors have to run a marathon, swim for two and a half miles, then cycle over a hundred miles.


Not many people would choose swimming as a true endurance sport, but real competitive swimming is just as much about endurance as any sport. With swimming if you miss a training session it can set you back weeks, the body has to be fully fit, and the muscles honed to perfection.


To attempt professional cycling is to take on one of the hardest sports that there is. The Tour de France has been called the highest endurance sport that there is, and it certainly is up there. Riders not only have to compete many challenging courses they have to be aware of the many competitors that are all around them.

Bikes can reach speeds of twenty-five miles an hour, and the riders have to pedal for twenty three days and cover a vast two thousand, two hundred miles in distance. It is common during this epic race for body fat to drop to less than 4% and the risk of crashing and suffering serious injury is very real.

These great sports challenge the competitors to the limit of human endurance. They are designed to be ultimate tests of human strength and capacity. The physical part of this immense struggle to compete is matched by the mental side as well.   

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